A Glitter Christmas

Christmas is nearly here! and its going to be hectic. Everyone wants beautiful nails for Christmas and New Years and especially this year I have notice that glitter is the craze. As the nails industry is becoming more mainstream, now there are so many make-up brand  that have their own nail polish line. The most exciting thing is nails is not just about having a nice colour its about the art work on them. Here are my first bunch of xmas nails. 

Here are some snowflake nails, they are so pretty.

Kimmy’s nails and beauty, where I work has also put up some decoration for Christmas.

My pink glitter nails is with MISA nail lacquer and BarryM glitter nail paint.  It is such a cute colour much warmer than all silver.

 The bells and baubles design is inspired by the lovely nails artist Daily Nails (Facebook link)

Most of the snowflakes are stickers which I brought of Ebay.

Kaycie x

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